Make A Choice

There are many times in life when I’m upset simply because things haven’t gone my way. I have an idea in my head of how I want things to turn out, and life doesn’t care at all and does whatever it wants to anyway.

It’s like that one friend that has no filter. You can try to tell them to PUMP THE BRAKES on the talking when meeting someone new, but chances are nothing you say will matter anyway. They’ll do whatever they want.

Oh, did you want that job? Sorrrrryyy, not getting it. Did you think you had more time with your loved one? Nope. Did you think this world owed you something? Newsflash; it doesn’t.


Life is like that. It’ll ignore your pleas and and do the exact opposite of what you planned. You cannot predict it.

And no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to understand it.

I found myself pondering this today more than usual as I thought about how much hurt there is in the world. Once your eyes are opened to it, there’s no closing them.

You feel it, every single day. You feel the pain of others, you hear the cries, and your heart breaks into even smaller pieces than you ever thought imaginable.  There’s nothing you can do to stop it. There’s nothing you can do or say to make life go your way. Because life, as John Green says, is not a wish granting factory. And we all have had to learn this lesson one way or another.

Ultimately, none of us have control over things that happen in life. No matter how hard we wish or pray or hope, the decision isn’t ours to make. We’re never given that privilege.

Sometimes when your eyes are fully open and you simply can’t ignore the moments that make life the hardest, you want nothing more than to have a say. You want to scream that life isn’t freaking fair, but damnit it should be. You want to have control over what happens.

You never will.

But you will always have control over one thing…yourself.

We’ll never get a say in why things happen, but we’ll always have a say in how we handle it. And we’ll never have a say in who gets hurt in this world, but we’ll always have a say in who we put our arms around.

The thing is, if you spend too much time wishing things were different, you miss out on your opportunity to actually make a difference.

You absolutely cannot control bad things that happen.

But you can control what you do next.

You can decide to give back. You can decide to be there. You can decide to listen. You can decide to be the change.

And you can decide to stop wishing things were different and actually go out there and make a difference.

The choice is yours.




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