For Those Who Have Experienced Loss

Each day we all witness the tragedies of life. We hear the stories of those who pass before expected and those who suffer for no reason at all. We hear so many of these stories that in a way, we become immune to them. We feel sadness for a moment and then move on because honestly, we don’t have a choice.

But on days like today, it’s impossible to forget.

After you lose someone close to you, everything changes. Suddenly, that story being played out in the background of your life becomes illuminated. The loss of another life becomes an overwhelming empathy for those that knew that person. And the continued tragedies seem to weigh heavier on our hearts each day. Each time you witness another life being lost, you are reminded of the exact moment when the life you cared so much about was also taken. It was gone within a moment and you still, to this day, are left wondering why.

There are so many beautiful parts of life, but on days like today the darkness overshadows it.

We want to ask why, we want reasons. But we’re never given any. These moments leave us feeling terribly helpless as we struggle to come up with an explanation to calm our rapidly increasing sadness.

The thing we have to remember is that we’ve experienced that light. The light always exists. We may lose track of it, it may grow dim, it may even disappear for a bit. But we know that it exists, and therefore we must strive to get it back.

It would be easy to give in to the grief and sadness that come from everyday tragedies in life. But giving up isn’t an option. We don’t have any other choice. We’re still here and therefore we have to try and make the best of what we have.

Whenever the empathy, grief, or sympathy feels as if it might overtake you, try and imagine how different your life would be without love. Because that is what you’re experiencing…the effects of love. It can make us come alive, and it can leave us feeling empty. But without it, what do we have?

With each cut, the light beneath is revealed a little bit more. And it is that light- the light within us all- that will heal us and heal the world.




3 responses to “For Those Who Have Experienced Loss

  1. Lara, this is beautiful. You do so well know the pain of those who love Miranda so. – Ann Teeters (Eric’s and Adam’s mom)

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