Falling In Love With Myself

I woke up today just like any other, but something was different. It’s a daily routine of mine to stand in front of the mirror and try to avoid letting my eyes wander to all the things I would love to change about myself. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Today it didn’t work. I spent at least ten minutes staring at myself wondering why I had allowed myself to consume those Twix bars yesterday. Once I let myself think a negative thought, it all spiraled out of control.

There are many things that I dislike about myself, but the thing I dislike most is how much I dislike myself.

There are people in this world who will bring you down without thinking twice about it. They will easily point out your flaws and weaknesses. You will never impress them. You will never be friends with them.  And they may never love you. And it doesn’t matter. Got it? It doesn’t matter. It does not matter whether 2 people or 2,000 people love you. What truly matters at the end of it all is whether or not you love yourself.

I pulled myself away from the mirror and went to my weekly cross flow class. My instructor is always telling us that we need to leave the negative thoughts on the mat. It’s more than just a physical workout.

At the end of the hour, I was resting in a child’s pose when I looked down and saw my thighs. The same thighs that just this morning I had been criticizing relentlessly. And there, in that child’s pose, I suddenly realized that I am just fine the way that I am.

It’s exhausting being in a constant battle with yourself. There are too many people who are willing to point out your flaws, you don’t need to be one of them.

Others opinions of you will never truly determine how lovable you are…how beautiful you are…or how valuable you are. What determines that is how you see yourself.

One day, like me, I hope that you will realize that you are just fine the way you are. It will be hard to remember that each morning as you look in the mirror, and every time someone questions your value. But a moment of self compassion can change the entire course of your day. And a string of such moments…they could change the entire course of your life.

You will see your harshest critic within moments of waking. Greet them with love, kindness, and understanding. Then look away from the mirror and go about your day.”
– Mike Page


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