13 Types Of People At A Bar

  1. The Stumbler: This person (more often than not a girl in too tall high heels) stumbles into the place looking for a drink. They then stumble over every single person and/or inanimate object on their way to the bar. Can’t even walk. Just stumbling all over the place. Spilling drinks and stepping on toes and stuff. Can’t get it together. stumble Image Credit
  2. The Overly Emotional: They just LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. They’re just SO HAPPY THAT YOU’RE FRIENDS. They just CAN’T IMAGINE THEIR LIFE WITHOUT YOU IN IT. They’re just SO DAMN EMOTIONAL. It’s just too much. feelings Image Credit
  3. The Crier: Sorry ladies, but it’s usually one of our own. You’ll find this person in the bathroom stall crying about things that hardly make sense. They’re just SO UPSET. But it might be difficult to figure out why. Nothing you do or say can console them and they’ll eventually end up in a corner crying to a stranger. Just let them. They’ll be okay tomorrow.cryingImage Credit
  4. The Angry Drunk: So pissed. They’re mad at you, the bartender, the doorman, and the stupid dude in the corner that is STARING TOO MUCH. They try to pick fights, they talk mad shit to anyone that will listen, and they usually end up being kicked out by the end of the night. Can’t we all just get along? angry Image Credit
  5. The Silent Drinker: This person just casually chills in the corner of the place. Takes in their surroundings but doesn’t say much of anything. Just sips their drinks and contemplates life. You might notice that they’ve ordered at least 3 drinks yet their demeanor hasn’t changed. Don’t question it. silent drinker Image Credit
  6. The Judgmental: Wouldn’t be caught dead in those hideous shoes,” they say at the loudest possible volume. They want to comment on everyone around them but they can’t master the art of whispering. They continue to look around, speak loudly, and then point. You can try to tell them to quiet down but it won’t work. disgustied Image Credit
  7. The Dancer: There’s not even music playing, but this person is still shaking dat ass. You wonder what it must be like to have that sort of confidence. When music actually starts playing, watch out. They begin climbing over booths and tables to move to the music. Spilling people’s drinks as they try to dance with them…they just want to have a good time. dancing drunk Image Credit
  8. The Bros: Usually found wearing a collared shirt, these bar inhabitants are a special type. They drink their beer in a corner surveying the options. They might approach their prey and attempt to say something witty. They might just make fun of each other, or they might drink too much and begin man hugging.jeah Image Credit
  9. The Couple: You’ll see them once or twice at the beginning of the night and then they’ll disappear. You’ll see them later in a corner booth heavily making out. Or you’ll see them later in a corner booth screaming at each other. One of them might be crying. Just avoid the situation.ugh Image Credit
  10. The Instantly Drunk: It’s proof that magic exists. You both arrived at the same time and haven’t finished your first drink…yet somehow, they’re totally wasted. You might not have known, but it’s pretty common knowledge that you aren’t REALLY drunk unless you tell everyone about it.drunk Image Credit
  11. The Girls Night Out: GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN…and don’t you forget it. They’ll drink heinous amounts of liquor and talk about boobs. Guys might try to approach them but it will be a wasted effort. They’ve never been given actual proof that boys don’t have cooties.ready t party Image Credit
  12. The Smooth Talker: Approaches you at random making you feel as if you’re special. Will use a witty yet adorable intro. Will charm you and buy you a drink. Will call you by the wrong name 30 seconds later. Will always disappoint.sup baby Image Credit
  13. The Way Past Gone: There’s no reasoning or talking with this one. They’re in a happy place and no one can bring them out of it. They might not be able to walk or find their shoes… but they’re having the best night EVER. You might try to talk them into slowing down on the alcohol but it probably won’t work. Have fun babysitting.no. gif Image Credit

Which one are you?


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