10 Things We Should All Stop Doing

1. Complaining About School: Look, I get it. Writing papers isn’t that fun and spending 6 hours a night doing homework is a real downer. But seriously? Just think about how lucky you are for a second. If you’re in college studying whatever you want to study, you’re really freaking lucky. And there are thousands of people out there that would love to trade you places. So yeah, school might not be that fun right now. But put it into perspective.

2. Allowing Our Workouts To Determine Our Confidence: Since when do we only feel good about ourselves after we have worked out? What about after you do something nice for someone? What about after you worked really hard studying and got a bomb score on your test? What about after you scored a big promotion at work? We’re not all going to be able to exercise all the time. We won’t have the time or the energy. Sometimes, we’re just not going to freaking want to. So what? It doesn’t mean you’re any less beautiful, or cool, or bomb.com. Just, ya know, cut yourself some slack.

3. Accepting Things Just How They Are: When did we stop questioning things? When did it become okay to stop wondering how or why things happen? When did we just start accepting other people’s explanations for things instead of determining our own?

4. Looking To Others For Approval: Oh you think my boots are ugly? That’s cool because you aren’t even wearing them. Ya know? Stop determining your self worth by what others think. Who cares? You shouldn’t. You should look for approval within yourself.

5. Complaining About Mondays: They’re not so bad. Ya know? The Monday probably doesn’t suck, your job might though. It’s a new week and Friday is closer than it was yesterday, WHEE!

6. Working Ourselves To Death: It’s cool to be a hard worker. But what happened to enjoying life? Spending time with your family, friends, or even just your pets and yourself? Stop. Working. So. Damn. Much. Take a break and smell the roses or something.

7. Wearing High Heels That We Can’t Even Walk In: You look supa fly…except when you try to walk. Watcha doing over there? Is that you walking? Are you trying to dance? Do your feet hurt? I think they might. Why are you punishing yourself? Stop that.

8. Calling Ourselves Fat: I’m totally guilty. It’s so annoying. Why would I even say that? Why would anyone say that? It’s detrimental to ourselves. It helps absolutely nothing. It’s ignorant and mean and stupid and pointless. And what are people supposed to say to us when we say it? My friend Kyle slaps me. Maybe slap yourself next time you say it. The end.

9. Making Tiredness Into A Competition: We can ALL be tired. All of us. We can ALL be exhausted on Monday mornings and think about falling asleep on the job. This isn’t a competition. I don’t care how many hours of sleep you got last night or how late you stayed up this weekend. Your little story about your sleep patterns isn’t making me any less tired. 

10. Opening Up Facebook When We’re Upset/Mad/Sad: Congratulations, you’re about to make your day worse. Between the pictures and updates of all your friends hanging out WITHOUT you and the updates from exes and old friends, you now feel even more sad. So now you might think about updating your status with some mysterious song lyrics or quote so that everyone can know that you are PISSED. Congratulations, we all just hid your status updates from our timeline. Maybe even unfriended you. No good can come out of upset and mad Facebook updates. Maybe read or exercise or drink some tea. Maybe even drink some beer. I wouldn’t, because I hate the taste of vinegar and grass, but that’s just me.



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