November Obsessions

I begin a new obsession every month. Five things that I absolutely cannot get enough of for a solid 30 ish days depending on the month. I’ve decided to start sharing my OCD tendencies with you.

you're welcome

Bath & Body Works Candles: HOLY MOLY. Amazing. I bought a candle there 2 weeks ago and my apartment continues to smell like it even when it ISN’T BURNING. Isn’t that great? I always choose scents that actually make sense though. Like what exactly is “Leaves” and why is that a scent? Leaves are alright but they’re not cookies for God’s sake. The only problem is that I wanted cookies REAL BAD when smelling this candle. Good luck. (Candles are 2/22$ at the moment)


Peter Quinn of the Amazing Show “Homeland”: If you aren’t watching Homeland, whatever. You should be. I mean, I think it’s great and I’m rather picky. I’m willing to wait AN ENTIRE WEEK between each episode so it must be pretty decent. The show itself is great but this guy makes the week wait worth it. I would run miles for him. I would eat water chestnuts and vanilla wafers for him. He is supreme. I love him. He’s like the greatest piece of pizza you’ve ever had…week after week. Devour it.

peter quinn

Mushrooms: I’m not into smoking (eating?) shrooms now, guys. I just really enjoy mushroom hunting. Did you know there are thousands of different types of mushrooms? Did you know that some mushrooms are PURPLE and RED and ORANGE? I went with my dear friend to explore the woods on Friday and by the end of it I had discovered 9 different kinds of mushrooms. You can’t really eat most of them but that’s not the point. It was like a treasure hunt and I was the winner every time I found a different one. You could probably dry them out and decorate your apartment or home with them if you were into it.


The Divergent Series: I love reading and this book series? It sucked me in. Straight devoured it similar to the Hunger Games series. I really enjoyed it…up until the last chapter of the last book.  But it was still pretty damn good and now I’m going to nerd out for the movie and keep taking this quiz until I get all the answers correct: BuzzFeed Quiz.


The Idea of Flipping Houses:  I watch HGTV more often than I will probably ever admit to. I feel like I would be really great at flipping houses. But then I learned that they usually just do most of the work themselves to save money. I feel like I wouldn’t save money though because I would ruin everything. I basically want to flip houses but hire contractors and carpenters to do all of the remodeling. I’ll just pick out colors and stuff. Right? Text me if you want me to pick out the colors while you tear apart walls and flooring.



I would love your feedback.

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