10 Times Harry Potter Pissed Me Off

  1. In the Sorcerer’s Stone when Harry decided to just leave at midnight to meet Malfoy for a midnight duel. I mean, DUH, Malfoy didn’t show up then Harry’s out wandering around when he’s not supposed to be. I guess it’s cool because he discovered Fluffy but this kid just takes way too many chances for almost having died once already.
  2. When Harry decides to start communicating with a diary. Look, I know this is basically a huge part of the plot for Chamber of Secrets, but what the hell? Who picks up a creepy diary and just starts communicating with it? (Ginny)
  3. Oh I’ve only recently escaped from Voldemort’s scheme to murder me once again so I’ll just venture out into the English night unprotected.” – Harry. Harry bounces out of #4 Privet Drive and ventures onto a creepy bus. I mean, yeah, it turned out fine…but can he use his head?
  4. In the Goblet of Fire when Harry decides to lose the task in the lake because he thinks he needs to save Fleur’s sister. Look Harry, I feel like it should have been pretty obvious that they weren’t going to let this little girl die. YOU COULD’VE GOTTEN FIRST PLACE. FIRST.
  5. When Harry totally falls for Voldemort’s scheme in The Order of the Phoenix. Like, what the hell Harry? You trust Kreacher? You couldn’t wait for the Order to help you? I’m a planner, okay? And Harry just decided he was gonna bounce over to the ministry and save his godfather from one of the MOST POWERFUL wizards of all time. It didn’t work out. Shocker.
  6. Also, going off of that, the fact that Harry neglected to learn Occlumency. I mean, sure, I wouldn’t want to see Snape either and learn terrible things about my dad. But at least practice in your bed before you go to bed. If Dumbledore told ME to do something, I’d be pretty keen to do it.
  7. In the Half-Blood Prince when Harry decides to sneak into the Slytherin compartment. I get that he was curious and wanted to see what Malfoy was saying but dude, wait until you have backup. He’s lucky that Tonks had been assigned to Hogsmeade and happened to witness it.
  8.  In the Deathly Hallows when Harry objects to his friends drinking PolyJuice potion as to not put them in danger. LOL GOOD JOKE, Harry. Has he been present for the last 6 years? It was a nice sentiment but this isn’t the first (or the last) time that they’re willing to risk it for their good pal Harry and the greater cause.
  9. In the Deathly Hallows when Harry decided it would be cool to follow the creepy old lady who was formerly known as Bathilda Bagshot. No, yeah, it’s totally fine that she isn’t saying words and that her house looks like shit. JUST KEEP FOLLOWING HER.
  10. Also in the Deathly Hallows when Harry decides to take a swim in the pond WEARING A HORCRUX. Clearly wasn’t going to turn out well. He almost drowned. Thankfully Ron decided to stop PMSing and come to the rescue.

But what pisses me off MOST about Harry is that no matter how many times he upsets me…I can’t help but love him a little bit more.

10 Times Harry Potter Pissed Me Off

2 responses to “10 Times Harry Potter Pissed Me Off

  1. I love how Harry is always put in danger by EVERYONE. Like hey, you’re the chosen one and we know there’s something out in the woods killing unicorns, but seriously go do your detention alone with a wimpy dog and Malfoy. C’mon, people.

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