Dating: Expectations Vs Reality

Expectation: Once I’ve accepted the invitation I won’t have any problem concentrating on work that day.

Reality: My phone lights up. My thoughts:“OMG IS THAT HIM? He’s totally canceling. I knew it. I knew it. Ugh. Whatever. Bravo it is.”


Expectation: I’ll apply just enough makeup so that I look natural but sans flaws and blemishes.

Reality: I don’t recognize myself.


Expectation: I’ll use a 5 minute hair tutorial from my friend Hannah and look effortlessly chic.

Reality: I think I might need to wash my hair again.


Expectation: I’ll totally be ready by the time they get here.

Reality: Sending 10 outfit pictures to my friend for approval. All the sudden there’s a knock on the door.


Expectation: I’ll own this outfit. I will walk with ease and confidence and they will be impressed by my swag.

Reality: HOW DO PEOPLE WALK IN THESE? I should’ve worn flip flops.


Expectation: We will have so much to talk about. We have loads in common.

Reality: OMG why am I talking about the weather right now? Did I seriously just ask him what the forecast for the week is?!


Expectation: I know sometimes Italian food can make me sick so I’ll just eat a little and stay away from the free bread.

Reality: LOL, JK.


Expectation: By the end of the night we’ll be totally comfortable with each other and I’ll know what to do when he walks me to do my door.

Reality: OMG he’s walking slower. OMG how’s my breath? Ugh, I shouldn’t have eaten that garlic bread.”


And finally…

Expectation: I’ll eventually get used to this and be an expert.


dating is hard

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