You’ll Find the Light Again

There’s no quick fix to depression. You won’t wake up one day feeling weightless. You will remove stones from your chest one day at a time.

It’s a slow process and some days you’ll feel just as heavy as months before. But one day you will wake up ready to face the day. It won’t be a perfect day but you’ll find yourself overcoming the gloom much easier.

It won’t rule your life anymore. You will sense it coming but it will leave just as fast. You will feel the darkness but the light will be there, too. You will hear yourself laugh when something is genuinely funny. It will be an unfamiliar sound but soon it will become recognizable again.

You’ll catch yourself smiling and it will reach all the way to your eyes. You will sleep through the night and wake up feeling well rested. You will go hang out with your friends or family and not make an excuse as to why you can’t make it.

Slowly you will begin to feel like your old self. You’ll have more energy. You’ll revisit your old hobbies and discover new ones.

People will tell you that you look different. You will think to yourself that you feel lighter. You lost the weight of the broken relationship. You lost the weight of the death of your friend.

You carry pieces of this time with you but it won’t pull you into the hole any longer. You will no longer feel as if you’re drowning.

You can finally breathe.

You will become worried that this newfound feeling is fleeting. But I assure you that it isn’t.

You have made it. You have found a way. You found the light.

It won’t always be easy to hold onto but you know it’s here. The light will never truly leave you.

Some days will seem dark but you will hold onto the flicker of light and it will persevere.

It’s only after you feel as if you’ve lost everything that you’re finally able to free yourself.

You found the light again.

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