The Name That Takes Your Breath Away

Isn’t it weird how that one name can change everything? You finally managed to move on and stop obsessing over their lack of communication every day…then it appears. That contact name in your phone…that text message alert waiting to be opened.

You used to spend days hoping that your efforts at grabbing their attention would pay off. You hoped that they would see something that would make their brain click and make them think “Damn, why did I let them go?”

But they didn’t. Day after day… and still nothing.

Until today.

You can feel your chest tighten as you stare at the name. It’s so familiar to you yet so foreign. Once a common occurrence in your life is now something so rare.

You try to imagine what it could say. You go through the scenarios in your head.

“I realized what a mistake I made when I let you go. I’m so sorry. I’ll make it right.”

“You were the best thing that ever happened to me, I was just too stupid to realize it.” 

“Let’s try this again.” 

You ask yourself if it would even matter…if anything that they say could truly erase the pain they caused you. Deep down you know that it couldn’t. But the irrational part of you wants it to be true.

You wait a whole hour until you open the message. You consulted your best friend first and went through possible reactions.

It’s opened. You read. Your stomach tightens and you start to sweat.

How are you? I’ve been thinking a lot about you…”

You want to say, “I haven’t stopped thinking about you. I think about you all the time. You consume me.”

But you don’t.

You delete the message and delete the number. You put your phone away and avoid looking at it for the rest of the night.

At this point you know you have to forget how you feel and remember what you deserve. And no one deserves to be pushed aside and forgotten.

Especially not you.


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