10 Things That Happen When You Study Abroad in Australia

During my senior year of college I spent a semester in Australia. It was the best time of my life. I studied at Bond University on the Gold Coast, which is in Queensland. It’s called the sunshine state of Australia for a reason. I think it rained a total of 5 times. It’s currently my favorite place in the world. Here are some things that happen when you study abroad in Australia:

1) You become spoiled. Your class is over. So…let’s go to one of the 50 beaches within the state! Let’s go to the beach each… let’s go get away! Oh wait. We’re in the Midwest again.

2) Someone brings up Steve Irwin and you feel personally offended. Do NOT talk about him. HOW DARE YOU. You don’t GET IT.

3) People talk about how adorable koalas are and you have to explain that they actually smell like shit and will either claw you/ shit on you.

4) “OMG KANGAROOS ARE SOO CUTE!!” – People “Actually they’re kind of a huge nuisance and pretty annoying.” – You

5) You tell someone you are studying/have studied in Australia. They will immediately begin singing this song:

Just walk away, friends. Just walk away.

6) People will constantly ask you if you saw any huge spiders.

7) People will also ask you if you found Nemo.

8) You will discover when you visit Sydney that 42 Wallaby Way Sydney DOESN’T EVEN EXIST.

9) You are genuinely confused when it starts to rain on the Gold Coast during the summer. What is this stuff falling from the sky? IT’S RAINING?! You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve only been to the beach 6 times this week so far.

10) You forget what it’s like to spend less than $5 on a meal from a fast food restaurant.

And finally, you will fall in love with all that Australia has to offer and never want to leave…ever.


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