I Lost My Way

I had my life all planned out. I graduated from college with my undergrad degree on May 4. On May 22 I found out that I had been officially accepted into grad school in London. On May 24, I sent in my deposit, signed up for summer classes to prepare, and began trying to find a loan. On May 27, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN called me. And on June 9, I traveled to Rochester and found out that I needed physical therapy and that I wouldn’t be going to London anytime soon.

At the time I was devastated. I had finally decided what I wanted to do with my life after graduating from college and just like that…this plan was derailed. I lost my way.

The good news was that the London program had agreed to defer me until March 2014. The bad news is that this was 9 months away and I didn’t have a job or a place to live anywhere near where all the jobs would be.

My plan had been derailed and I was too caught up in my own disappointment to realize what was happening.

Everything happened so fast.

Step 1) I was told I needed physical therapy…but not just any physical therapy… a very specific kind that only a handful of people in the entire state practice. Mayo called me…there was a therapist in Carmel, and she had openings.

Step 2) I had been working with a company on and off in May. I came back from Mayo with the news. A week later they invited me to stay on board with the company until I was able to pursue my dream.

Step 3) A week after that, I found an apartment complex in Carmel with a 1-bedroom apartment available ASAP with a nine month lease.

And Step 4) I have the next 8-9 months to immerse myself into something I have needed to do for a long time…get myself healthy.

Does it make me sad when I think about not leaving for London in less than a month? Yeah. It does. But when I look around me at all the new friends I have made, the job that I love, the apartment that I have made my home, and the slow improvements my body is beginning to make… I know that my plan getting thrown off course was probably the best thing that could have happened to me.

So when your plan in life gets off track and you lose your way…embrace it.

It may not be the path that you had planned…but it’s the right one for you at the time.


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