This Is Nothing like the Real World: San Diego

I’ve been a college graduate and/or an actual adult of some sort for almost two months now and I’m still pretty unsure how I’m supposed to act or what I am supposed to do on a daily basis.

Recently, I’ve learned some things about adulthood that pretty much forced me back into my bed under the covers eating chocolate watching Real Housewives. I just couldn’t face the real world yet.

Like, excuse me, a mattress costs HOW MUCH? What is this 401k you speak of? What are all these taxes? What in the bloody hell is an HOA fee? And for god’s sake how does one “budget?”

Having accomplished a bachelor’s degree and acceptance into graduate school I thought I knew things about life. Turns out that I don’t. I could tell you loads about public relations and communication law and all about debate and maybe a little about discovery in mathematics but when it comes to Adult 101 I’m FAILING.

Is there a tutor for real life? Can someone teach me what I am supposed to do?

Maybe we’re all a little clueless when it comes to life. Maybe we’re all just kind of playing it by ear.

I have no idea how the tax system works or how I am going to ensure that I can retire before the age of 99.

But maybe this is what it means to grow up: realizing that you don’t have the answers to everything and no one else does either.

I would love your feedback.

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