Stop the Search

It seems that everywhere we go we are constantly on the search for the great love of our lives. When we go out on Thursday nights to Howl at the Moon we put on extra mascara or cologne in case we meet that special someone. We make sure we don’t wear pajamas to Target or Subway in case he or she is there waiting. And we can barely even enjoy a night out with friends to a brew house because we’re so focused on the guy at the bar who ordered the SAME EXACT DRINK AS US. (OHMYGOD)

 Why do we spend so much of our time in search of our perfect match? Why do we allow this to define the contentment in our lives?

It seems as if we are in a relentless quest for that person that will complete us. This person will make us whole and meet all of our expectations.

But in the middle of this search we miss out on the greatest parts of life. We miss out on the great night we could have had with our friends because it was overshadowed by disappointment at not meeting any guys at the bar. We miss out on amazing tiramisu and girl talk because the waiter is once again married and unavailable. And we forget to enjoy all the little moments that make our lives great because we’re so busy paying attention to the loving couple in Target wishing it could be us.

Instead of constantly looking around to find that person to complete you, look around and realize that you are already complete. You don’t need someone else to be able to enjoy the beautiful moments of life.

Stop the search. Take time to enjoy every single part of your life and find small joy in every single day.

Once you stop looking, things tend to find you.

I would love your feedback.

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