Are Butterflies Too Much to Ask for?

I caught myself watching Millionaire Matchmaker today. I know, I know… there are better ways to spend my time. Whatever.

As I was watching, this beautiful girl went on a date with a “nerd.” He bought her flowers, danced with her, held her hand, held doors open for her, and actually listened to her when she spoke. At the end of the date he asked her if she would be interested in seeing him again. She said yes and later told the camera crews that it was “so unusual to go on a date with a nice guy…so I might as well go again!”

This probably surprised me more than it should have. I mean, I get it… we’ve all dated that jerk. The one that makes us feel like we’re priority #49 and they’ll get to us when they CAN.

But that doesn’t make it okay. That doesn’t mean that’s what we should expect. Why aren’t we demanding more?

When I look back on the times in my life that I’ve dated serious douchebags I can usually find myself to blame at one point or another. Yeah, you want to give people the benefit of the doubt but after the 3rd ditched date…isn’t it time to throw in the towel and realize you deserve better? We shouldn’t be SURPRISED when a person treats us just as we would treat them if the roles were reversed. We should expect that. When did we lower our standards so much?

I think we’re all so freakin’ terrified of being alone that we settle. We lower our expectations and settle for less than butterflies because we feel as if we don’t have any other choice. Except we do. There’s always another choice.

When did life become so …one or other? You’re either single or you’re not and if you’re single- you’re looking for a relationship. Why is there so much pressure to find a significant other?

There’s no set timeline on when you are supposed to meet someone you truly click with.

So next time you’re on a date or you meet someone that fails to meet some of your expectations- don’t settle just because you’re afraid of being alone.

When did butterflies become too much to ask for?

One response to “Are Butterflies Too Much to Ask for?

  1. This resonated so much with me. I have several diseases and disorders and have finally figured out that I don’t need to settle. Thank you for your wonderful posts.
    I have some questions about you as well as your condition if you ever have time. Or aren’t weirded out.
    You’re an inspiration

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