10 Best Things I’ve Done for Myself

1)  Stopped comparing myself to others. We’re all individuals. That’s what makes the world cool. I don’t like bacon and you like bacon. I’m never going to be a size 2. I’m never going to be able to touch my toes probably. Cool. I’m still beautiful in my own way and so are you.

2) Stopped viewing life as a “supposed to” and starting viewing life as a “want to.” I’m not going to do things in life because I feel that I am supposed to do them. I’m going to do things in life because I want to do them. And if I make mistakes along the way I’ll only end up wiser in the end. It’s basically a win-win situation. Like going to Subway when they have 5-dollar foot-longs AND IT’S FREE COOKIE DAY…it’s like that.

3) Started doing yoga. For real though, I’m like a yoga fiend. I do AT LEAST 10 minutes a day AT LEAST 5 times a week and not only is my body lookin’ fly for swimsuit season- I just feel better. And that’s really amazing to me considering that one time I was running on a treadmill at uni and 20 minutes later I was in an ambulance because my body hates me. YOGA JUST GETS ME. Try it. It’s not just breathing or glorified stretching as I used to think.

4) Become friends with girls. I’m one of those annoying girls that always used to talk about how it’s so hard to be friends with girls. Actually, it isn’t. You just have to find the right kind of girls. Lately I’ve made some amazing girlfriends in my life. They totally understand when I ask what I should use for volume in my hair or why Essie nail polish chips so damn much. SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED GIRLS.

5) Discontinue this constant battle with myself. THIS JUST IN: The world doesn’t end when you eat a bowl of ice cream. It actually keeps going and your tummy might just be a little happier. I used to be in this constant battle with myself. It was like I would do something that wasn’t that healthy or considered normal and I would immediately scold myself. (Okay, so maybe I am crazy)… this needs to end. Gotta be on your own side. I’m Lara’s #1 (and possibly only) fan!

6) I started being honest. There’s this weird thing about us. We tend to hide our emotions and downplay our feelings in an attempt to make ourselves more likeable and seem less crazy or something. I hate that. We are totally full of emotions all the time and while sometimes we MIGHT be overreacting a little bit- there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to vocalize how we truly feel. Say what you feel and mean what you say because life is short, the end.

7) I’ve stopped saying “someday” and started saying “this day.” There are so many things in life that we all wish to accomplish but life gets in the way. MAKE THESE THINGS HAPPEN. Stop saying someday and book the flight. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

8) Stopped reading Cosmopolitan magazine. I’m pretty upset that I 1) actually ever read this magazine and 2) am telling you about it. But there you have it- my honesty. I read this magazine. I liked it. IT’S COMPLETE CAPUCHIN CRAP. I mean, you can read it- just don’t buy into their “this is how you know if your boyfriend is cheating you” and “this is how you become the best young professional ever!” Back to my previous point: we’re all individuals. Bye Cosmopolitan. I prefer TIME. (I’m so mature and worldly.)

9)  I have ATTEMPTED to stop worrying about things in life that I cannot control. What is the freakin’ point? Worrying solves nothing. The only thing I’ve noticed that it does so far is giving me bags under my eyes and stress acne. This is not cute. Stop worrying. It’s like a rocking chair or something. I don’t know, it’s a quote. Google it.

10) Finally, I have allowed myself to be myself. I mean this. There’s no apologies, no mistakes, no regrets- I’m just me. 100% genuine and that may not always be the best but it’s always real. At the end of the day, I’m just me.

Sorry if any of this made you nauseous because it was cheesy.


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