I Accept Your Apology

Finally, they did something that pushed you to your breaking point. You decided that no matter how much you wanted to, you just couldn’t put effort into this relationship anymore. You’re worn-out emotionally from the constant disappointment of yet another failed attempt at making them realize what was right in front of them. You just deserve better.

You imagine the scenario in your head. They call and you don’t answer…then they text you a couple of times. After several ignored messages on your end they finally send you that message. That one message explaining everything…long drawn out sentences describing why they couldn’t reply and how they had made a mistake and how they finally realized the amount of effort you had put into the relationship. This apology…this simple statement that acknowledges that they made a mistake and they were remorseful…you waited.

But this scenario never plays out. In your mind, you think about the lack of communication between you two almost daily. You can only envision that the same could be said about this person. You are positive that they will apologize momentarily…that your subtle attempts of disregard towards them will make them realize.

But they don’t.

Sometimes I wish I could recreate all the moments that I’ve spent waiting for an apology that never came. Disagreements and arguments between individuals are seemingly complicated. It’s a hundred moments, laughs, gazes, and arguments being interpreted two different ways.

There have been several times in my life that I have focused too much of my energy on anger for lack of an apology.

I’m tired of waiting. People make mistakes and not everyone is in your life for the long run. Give them the benefit of the doubt and move on.


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