21 Things I Learned as a 21 Year Old

  1. Turning 21 doesn’t make alcohol taste any better.
  2. People were actually disappointed that I didn’t puke on my 21st birthday.
  3. Choosing to study abroad was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
  4. The thought of having children and/or being married right now gives me hives.
  5. I love Indianapolis and I am glad I grew up here.
  6. As you grow older you only want candy more and more.
  7. Becoming a year older definitely doesn’t mean you’re wiser.
  8. Everyone makes mistakes. Like every day. It doesn’t matter unless you choose to learn from them. That’s growing up, I guess.
  9. Yoga is the best thing I have ever done for my body. TRY IT. 
  10.  It’s hard for me to stay awake past 11 p.m. Does this mean I’m getting old?
  11.  I’ve had 21 birthdays (22 today actually) and still no house elf or awwwter for Lara. Guess that’s not really a thing that can happen.
  12. You aren’t supposed to pet dogs that are “working.” Their owners get like, pretty upset.
  13.  Alzheimer’s disease is getting worse every year so I am just going to work harder to fight it every year. SIT DOWN, ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE.
  14.  Distance in a relationship doesn’t matter if two people are willing to put in work. Two people. Not one.
  15. The only man I’ve ever loved and considered my soul mate is Jack Dawson. Yes, the character from Titanic. AKA Leonardo DiCaprio. BRB SALIVATING.
  16.   Getting a tattoo actually does hurt. Like kind of bad. Get small ones, I guess.
  17.  People still think my name is pronounced “Lair-Uh”
  18. Being 21 when you’re in a foreign country at uni is actually considered pretty old.
  19. Also, no one cares that you’re 21 when you’re abroad because they’ve all been drinking alcohol since they were 14 or something.
  20.  Um, I have an extreme case of wanderlust in that I often lie awake at night thinking about all the places I want to go in the world. Not sure if I’m made that obvious enough for you guys yet.
  21.  And finally, I’ve learned that I will never take my birthdays for granted again. A lot of people don’t ever get a chance to make it to 22 years old. I have.  I will never be upset about being able to see another birthday. So you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to the zoo.


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