When Your Heart is Touched

So you’re living your life. You’re moving through each day feeling content… then you meet someone. This person isn’t really that different from other people you encounter except that ONE DAY they suddenly develop this hold over you. You strive to catch their attention. You go out of your way to run into them. You stay up late watching a hockey game just so you can text them about the results. Before you realized you had feelings for this person, everything was normal. You didn’t think twice before reaching out to them through a Facebook message, a tweet, or a text. You didn’t stare at your phone for the next 30 minutes waiting for a reply. You didn’t go to bed feeling a tinge of sadness at the lack of reply. You just didn’t care.

Then BAM, all the sudden these feelings develop. And no matter how hard you try not to think about it- it seems like that’s pretty much all you do. You tell yourself to stop thinking about it and during that process you just spend 45 more minutes stalking his or her social media pages for an explanation. Maybe they are on vacation. Maybe they are just super busy. Maybe they’ve been sleeping…for like 4 days. I mean they totally WANT to talk to you- it’s just that their phone was shattered when they dropped it while playing with their nieces and nephews. How can you be mad about that? RIGHT?

So days pass and you are undoubtedly convinced that they hate everything about you and that the mere thought of speaking to you makes them cringe. I MEAN WHY ELSE WOULD THEY NOT REPLY FOR, LIKE, 4 DAYS? WHAT, ARE THEY DEAD?!?

So then they reply. Then they begin to make an effort. The second you stop thinking about them they sense it. I mean there’s really no other explanation. It’s life’s sick idea of a joke. OH- you didn’t think about them yet today so hey I’m going to go ahead and have them text you. Maybe have them like a couple of your photos. Maybe have them walk in front of your car as you’re stopped at the red light.

You want to not reply. You want to say no to dinner. You want to scream at them and tell them that they are a BIG FAT CAPUCHIN JERK. You want to say …”YOU DIDN’T CONTACT ME FOR 4 DAYS AND 43 MINUTES BUT YOU UPDATED YOUR STATUS 3 TIMES.” You want to tell them “I’M MORE IMPORTANT THAN AN INSTAGRAM PICTURE.”

But you don’t…because that would make you look crazy, right?

So you accept the dinner invitation. You go and you laugh and you smile and have a great time and convince yourself that this time they won’t wait 4 days and 43 minutes to communicate with you.

But they do.


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