London is Calling

When I returned from Australia on December 16th I had this feeling of unfinished business. I had experienced just a taste of what traveling felt like when I traveled to Greece in May 2011 for 3 weeks. Then on September 1, 2012 I headed to Australia for 4 months. But this still wasn’t enough. No matter what I did, I couldn’t stop daydreaming about traveling. I had a serious case of wanderlust. I was telling my friend Will all about it over dinner one day. He mentioned a program called “The Mountbatten Institute” in passing. I didn’t think much of it- until I remembered it the next morning as I was once again daydreaming about traveling. I had decided that I somehow wanted to make it to the UK. My main draw was that 1) they speak English 2) HARRY POTTER. jk but seriously. 3) I’ve never been and most importantly 4) SHAUNA AND ALICE are there. So maybe these aren’t the greatest reasons for applying to a 1 year MBA program in London but regardless- I applied.

I turned in my application on January 30- it wasn’t due until March 31. I waited weeks, hoping that they had a rolling deadline. Uh- they didn’t.

As the weeks passed I began to become more and more distressed about my future. I mean, there was a good chance I wouldn’t even be accepted then what the hell was I going to do? Pardon my French.

There have been so many nights over the past 3 months that I have laid awake in bed unable to sleep because of the worries in my head.

If I was accepted- This is, like, over a year. What if I totally hate it? What if everyone forgets about me? What if I don’t fit in? What if I make zero friends? What if I never find a job ever and spend all this money on this degree and live in debt working at Target the rest of my life which wouldn’t be so bad because I love Target BUT STILL…?

If I wasn’t accepted– What am I going to do? Serious question. Literally no one wants to hire me so far. No one. Am I ever going to make it London? Am I ever going to experience that feeling you get in a new country where literally no one knows your name and you can be anything you want to be? Am I a failure?

Well, last night at approximately 3:57 p.m. after waking up from a nap (I’m lazy) – I found out that I had been invited to Chicago on May 21 for an in person interview to finalize this process. Unless I completely bomb this interview and they totally hate me—I AM MOVING TO LONDON. Just saying that makes me squeal. I think I am in total shock. Driving to work this morning I legitimately burst into tears because a song on the radio said the word “London.”

I have been trying so hard for the past 3 months to not get my hopes up. I haven’t allowed myself to get excited because I wasn’t confident I would be accepted.

Now, its totally time to let all this excitement shine.

So here’s the details:

If I make it through the final interview process on May 21 I will be heading to London around August 12. The program provides a flat in downtown London and I will be placed with a company working in communication/PR. I get a stipend each month to live off of and I will be completing my MBA in international business from St. Mary’s College simultaneously.  I will then (most likely) travel to Thailand once a year in London is complete to write my thesis. I KNOW RIGHT? THAILAND. Also, I know it’s random. Whatever.

I don’t know what else to say except that I am in shock and can’t seem to focus on anything else.

This is what life is all about. Following your dreams. This has always been what I wanted to do…I just let fear get in the way.

It’s totally time to begin my next adventure.


Look, a picture of London.

One response to “London is Calling

  1. I am so very proud of you for following your dreams. Guess I’ll be shipping out another few care packages!

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