Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

Rejection is pretty much a suck fest. It actually ruins your day. You’re sitting there applying to grad school or applying for internships or jobs and you feel so hopeful. Like, this job or program was actually created specifically with you in mind. It seems so perfect you cannot stop smiling with the daydreams of your future with this path. Then bam- you get that bloody email or letter. The one that essentially says “Hey we appreciate you applying BUT you’re just not good enough. Someone else is better. HAVE A GREAT DAY THOUGH!

Oh yeah, thanks for that. It’s not like you can blame them. I mean what are they supposed to say?

haha it’s cute that you even thought you had a chance. BYE.

Or they could do worse and just not reply at all and leave you endlessly waiting until you eventually admit defeat and move on.

Rejection just sucks. You sit there wondering what you could have done differently. You go over ever single letter in your cover letter and resume. You stalk yourself for over an hour on social media wondering if there was something you forgot to hide from your timeline or untag.  But you don’t find anything. So why didn’t they want you?

Instead of feeling completely useless and utterly disappointed for approximately 2 weeks after this happens- just use it as motivation.

No one ever got anywhere in life by giving up after the first try. So this company didn’t want you. Well, that sucks. But I’m not going to give up. I am going to reinvent my resume and cover letter and edit them and re-edit them until I feel confident and then I will put myself out there again. I will keep putting myself out there until someone takes a chance on me because MY DREAMS WILL NOT WORK unless I do.

Things you want in life generally aren’t just handed to you. If you have to work for something it just makes you appreciate it that much more.

So next time you get rejected, just remember that this wasn’t right for you but something else is and KEEP ON DREAMIN’.


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