Let Yourself Fall

Life is all about experiences. The good, the bad, the amazing, the terrible- they’re all stepping-stones on our journey of life. Lately I’ve witnessed various relationship experiences. You know those feelings when you meet someone that is unlike any other, or so you think anyway. It’s like everything they say is perfect. They’re not even that funny in general but to you they’re hilarious. They could be doing absolutely nothing and you still look at them with a sense of awe because they’re THAT incredible. As soon as you got to know this person, they became even more attractive. When you see them, you can’t help but smile and you instantaneously get a nervous flutter in the pit of your stomach. These feelings are magical. Being able to experience them is something we often take for granted and unfortunately end up ruining.

Fear ruins this experience for us.

Instead of enjoying these moments and appreciating them for what they are we allow our fear of what could go wrong to paralyze us. We want so badly to move forward but we’re stuck in limbo with the anxiety of losing this person- BEFORE WE EVEN HAVE THEM.

Why do we do this? Why not just let yourself fall?

Think about it like this- yeah, it totally could go wrong. You could end up majorly hurt. But that’s okay.


Nothing is set in stone. None of us are psychics. Well I guess some people might claim to be but the POINT IS that we don’t know what will happen. We just don’t. Why deny yourself the little pleasures in life just to MAYBE save yourself later? Being hurt and disappointed in life is inevitable but it just makes us appreciate the little things in life so much more.

So when you meet someone that makes you stay up late at night just smiling, when you meet that person that makes you question how you ever survived without this person, and when you meet that person that has the ability to make you smile just by existing- let yourself fall.


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