Smiling is My Favorite

Sometimes you just need to smile.

Therefore, I’m about to compile a list of 5 things that make me smile. It’s like a scale where 1 is it makes me smile and 5 is like I’m crying and jumping up and down and screeching of joy simultaneously.

Here we go.

  1. – Sometimes we just need some sappy, uplifting stories in our lives. This website is essentially compiled of little stories to MAKE YOU THINK…hence the title. It usually makes me smile so maybe give it a try if you’re feeling adventurous.
  2. WWW.BUZZFEED.COM GO ON GRASSHOPPERS. Go spend the next 4 hours searching through this website. Thank me later.
  3. YouTube videos of capuchins and sloths and the infamous lamb named “bee” … How can you not smile at animals? (
  4. For the rest of your life-every time someone pays you a compliment, says something that makes you smile, or says something that is just genuinely nice…write it down somewhere. Keep a running list. When you’re feeling sad, go look at this list. It’s guaranteed to make you smile and/or cry and/or laugh and/or force emotions out of you. Sorry in advance. Sometimes it’s okay to have feelings I guess.
  5. THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE THING TO DO WHEN I AM SAD. It started as a way to honor my friend Emily that passed away at the young age of 16. I would go to a drive thru and pay for the person/persons behind me. I would leave a little card explaining that this was a random act of kindness in memory of Emily and that they should keep the chain going. This is seriously the greatest thing ever. You don’t even have to have a card. Just do something really, really nice for someone. Then sit back and watch. You will most definitely smile. I guarantee it. You could even send someone flowers. I’ve done that too. Just make sure they don’t catch you creepily watching.

This is Noel. She’s my best friend/cousin. She lives in Iowa. This is her doing a random act of kindness in Iowa.


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