Stop Settling

I once was out to dinner with my mother and some of her (older) friends. One lady in particular asked me if I was seeing anyone.


I explained that dating isn’t a high priority in my life. I mean I’m trying to graduate and live my life and travel and I haven’t met someone that’s cool enough to spend more than an hour a week with yet. When I explained this to her she was all… “Are you a lesbian?”

I wish I was kidding, sadly I am not.

Now, I know she was kidding and thought it was like cutesy and funny and stuff but it really got me to thinking.

I’m 21. I’m not sure if you guys know how old I am yet because I haven’t written about it in ANY of my blogs. (joking, I say it once a post I think)

Anyway, I’m 21 and I guess you could say I have pretty high standards. It’s not that I’m AGAINST dating or something. It’s just that I don’t really see the point unless this person is like REALLY cool. I mean someone that genuinely makes me want to be a better person and knows how to lift me up when I’m down. I mean someone that I can do absolutely nothing with and have the most fun I’ve ever had just by being in their presence. You know…someone that sees me at my absolute worst and still somehow thinks I’m cool.

So, until I find someone like that, I’m not going to date someone just to keep people’s mind at ease about my lack of love life. I’m not SINGLE, okay?

I’m Lara and I like to read Harry Potter and google sloths and eat globs of peanut butter with my hands.  I also enjoy watching reality TV shows and I KNOW, Dad, they aren’t teaching me any valuable lessons.

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time:


Don’t settle. 

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