On Friday night I was a donation girl for the annual Drag Show put on by UIndy PRIDE. I’ve always loved this event. It’s all about embracing who you are and loving it.

So, there I was, Friday night- wearing fishnets and a corset feeling completely out of place and uncomfortable. My friend was working with me and she said she didn’t feel comfortable showing her stomach because it wasn’t perfectly flat. I scolded her and told her she was being ridiculous. After all, aren’t we working this Drag Show that’s all about embracing who you are and loving every second of it- including all of our “imperfections?”

Later in the night I realized that I needed to take my own advice.

There I was, watching all of these beautiful people up on stage performing. I was in awe. I had this overwhelming sense of jealousy. Not because they were all beautiful people, which …Duh. No, I was jealous because they were all so comfortable in their own skin. I’m a huge advocate for loving yourself and embracing who you are…because I’ve always struggled to do so.

But what defines beauty?

How good you look in a bikini? How white your teeth are?

Or is it the way your eyes crinkle at the sides when you’re smiling?
Is it the way your laughter sounds?
Or is it the compassion that you show for others?

I am sick of society defining what beauty is for us. We are all individuals so why do we strive to be the same and think the same? Each and every one of us has a different perception of what beauty is. But one thing that I will never argue is that self-confidence is one of the most beautiful traits you can possess.

So you know what? F**k you, society.

I’m going to eat a cookie today. Then, I’m not going to go the gym. I’m going to watch television because there’s damn good TV on Sunday nights. And I’m not going to regret a single second of it because the way my body looks does not begin to tell the kind of person that I am.


I would love your feedback.

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