10 Things That Get Me Through the Day

1. Orange Juice (PULP FREE)

I’m pretty positive that the reason I haven’t gotten the horse flu, swine flu, bird flu, or whatever else it is you people have is because I drink a glass of PULP FREE orange juice every morning. If you like orange juice with the pulp then I have nothing left to say to you. I drink said orange juice out of my butterbeer mug and pretend that I’m at Hogwarts. Essentially the greatest way to start a morning ever.


2. Green Apple ChapStick 

Am I putting putting a melted jolly rancher all over my lips? BASICALLY. Also, who doesn’t like soft lips? I’m pretty into soft lips and jolly ranchers. It’s a win win.


3. This Website


It’s mostly brilliant, sometimes funny, sometimes inappropriate, all the time entertaining.


4. My Nike Phone Cover

I love NIKE and I love my phone and I love the saying “Just do it.” Sooo that math homework? Just do it. This basically applies to everything. Plus it’s pink and pretty and I enjoy looking at it several times throughout the day.


5. Whole Wheat Toast 

Along with drinking a glass of pulp free orange juice every morning I also eat whole wheat toast with smart balance creamy peanut butter and Welch’s natural strawberry jelly. Strawberry jelly is approximately 3 million times better than grape. I don’t think that’s even debtatable unless you’re allergic to strawberries or something.


6. Pandora

I need music in my life. I start playing music as soon as I’ve eaten my toast. I have different songs to play for different days. If it’s raining, there’s a specific playlist. Pandora is my favorite thing while doing homework, applying for 5 million jobs, or at work. The Imagine Dragons radio station is on point. Thanks, Pandora.


7. BB Cream

Despite being a girl and all that stuff, I actually hate wearing makeup. It takes up time and energy and I always end up poking my eye with eyeliner or forgetting to put mascara on one eye. BB Cream is a moisturizer that makes it look like I’m wearing makeup. It’s genius. Brilliant. Amazing. Also, it takes about 1 minute. BEAUTIFUL.


8. My Multi Vitamin 

I take a multivitamin every single morning. If I run out, or forget, I feel like my day is incomplete. It has a little bit of caffeine in it along with about 35 other things. It makes me feel energetic and I generally feel better all around. Except when I take the vitamin before I’ve eaten. If you’ve ever taken a multi vitamin without food you know what I’m talking about…death.


9. Typing in Harry Potter on Pinterest

SO. MANY. THINGS. Harry Potter quotes, GIFs, memes, recipes, drinks, tattoos, crafts…Probably stay away from doing this when you have actual work to do though, one time I accidentally spent 3 hours looking through stuff. Whoops.


10. Pictures of my goals

This sounds tres cheesy but I knew as soon as I got back to America and back into my routine at uni I would start to question my dreams/goals of studying abroad again and traveling the world. It’s so easy to get comfortable and not want to leave your comfort zone. Leaving your comfort zone is terrifying. So to keep my mind focused on my dreams and goals I put little pictures and reminders all around me of the things I want to do. For example, I want to go to London…therefore, the background on my computer is the Union Jack. The background on my Gmail is London. My room has a double decker bus sitting in it. I have to remind myself and stay motivated to reach my goals and pursue my dreams…I refuse to allow myself to get comfortable and let my dreams fall by the wayside.


There you have it, the things that get me through each day. Of course some days it is different. For example: Squirrels. I haven’t seen many lately but usually seeing a squirrel friend will make my day. They’re just so friendly.


I would love your feedback.

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