Finding the Silver Lining

I got into an argument with one of my professors the other day. He told me that there is no happy ending in life.

“Something is always going to happen, your heater will break, your car will break down, you will lose your job…something will always happen, there’s no happy ever after in life and the older you get, you’ll know I’m right.”

I told him I didn’t agree with him.

Yeah, bad things happen in life. Sometimes it seems as if they happen every day.

You just HAVE to find the silver lining.

Some days, that will be nearly impossible.

Other days, it won’t be so bad.

I told my professor that everything in life is all about how you perceive it.

Your heater could break in the middle of winter on a 12 degree night and you could be really pissed off about it, or you could use it as a bonding experience for you and your family. Let’s all cuddle together and stay warm and tell stories to make us forget about the cold.

You could get fired from your job and suddenly money is a huge worry. Well maybe this is just an opportunity to find something better.

I’m not naïve enough to believe that when something bad happens you can just instantly be positive about that and find the silver lining.

I’m just simply saying that the sooner you do…the better.

Life is hard enough without an added negative attitude.

If you love life, it will love you back.


3 responses to “Finding the Silver Lining

  1. You have it right, Lara. I’ve always believed that the key to happiness is simple: it’s optimism. Clearly your professor is a pessimist, and I feel sorry for him.

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