Bond Uni takes final exams pretty seriously. I casually showed up for my last exam today and it was in the Sports Hall which, as it turns out, is this huge room that they put about 1 million desks in. Each student has an assigned seat and there’s about 4 classes taking exams at the same time. So there’s like around 300 people.

Actually I have no idea how many people there were, I didn’t count, but the point is that there was a lot of people.

After finally locating my seat, N16, I sat down to stare at this ridiculous list of instructions in front of me. Then all the sudden this speaker comes on and this automated voice starts telling us about how we aren’t allowed to go to the bathroom unless we sign a sheet and we have to have an identification card and if we don’t, well I guess something bad happens.

I guess you’re not really supposed to giggle during these announcements either cause the lady supervising just kind of glared at me.

I mean there was a security guard at the door of the exam room. This was no joke.

Anyway, after listening to this announcement for like 10 minutes we were informed that we would be given 15 minutes of perusal time. Um, what?

That means that we can sit there and stare at our exam for 15 minutes before actually being able to write on it/answer questions. I guess you aren’t supposed to actually stare at it, you’re supposed to open it up and start prepping your answers. But 15 minutes is a LONG time and by minute 3 I was bored and ready to take the exam.

I’m not the kind of person that gets super freaked out for final exams or anything and I know that might be unusual but I was honestly surprised at the faces of terror surrounding me. I thought the guy across from me was going to throw up.

Also, everyone had like 29 pens and I only had one. I guess it’s a good thing it didn’t run out of ink.

Also, the guy next to me also had his oxford dictionary. I guess in case he wanted to look some words up or something.

It was finally time to take the exam, I answered all the questions, wrote my essays, and I was finished. It was 3:46 and no one else was moving. I calmly raised my hand and told them I was finished. They looked at me like I was insane and said “Are you sure?”….

So that was me, first person out of approximately 300, walking around all these terrified faces out to the beautiful sunshine and I’m FREE!

I guess I might go get a snickers hot chocolate to celebrate and then it’s off to the beach tomorrow for the LAST TIME before leaving at 6 am on Sunday morning. Is this real life?


That’s Snickers Hot Chocolate in case you needed a visual.

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