A Very Australian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. From what I have learned here, the only other country that celebrates the idea of “Thanksgiving” is Canada. Trying to explain why we celebrate Thanksgiving was hilarious.

The pilgrims + native americans + pilgrim buckled shoes + using our hands to draw turkeys in school = be thankful.

Yesterday about 30 or so students at Bond got together (around a pool) to feast and celebrate the fact that we were able to be here.

I ate food from Sweden, Denmark, China, Venezuela, and Australia. There was baked mac n cheese, blueberry banana bread, oreos, lamington, chicken, pasta salad, beef patties, meat pies, and garlic bread.

Lamington is a dessert of Australian origin. It consists of squares of sponge cake coated first in a layer of traditionally chocolate icing, then in desiccated coconut and it is absolutely delightful.

I spent my Thanksgiving surrounded by new friends from all over the world…and I could not be more thankful.

ImageThings I’ve Learned:

  1. The british term “cheeky.” I have tried to master this. The other day my class got cancelled and I said it was cheeky. That’s not using it correctly.
  2. The difference between americans and english. When we have a question we simply say “Um, I have a question…” … english say “Excuse me please, could you tell me …”
  3. A student from North Carolina asked me if we had “normal coffee” in Indiana. haha, apparently Indiana is a foreign country in his eyes.
  4. Australia doesn’t have “freedom of speech” in their constitution.
  5. An Australian student told me it was weird that we have holidays “in the middle of the year.” eg: summer, thanksgiving
  6. When talking about why we had Thanksgiving yesterday, there were more questions about why we had Black Friday. That’s a great question. “Wait, people stand in line for hours? Why? I don’t get it.” Me either.
  7. I need to stop checking the weather. 28 and sunny almost every day now.
  8. My sandwich artist at Subway asked me if I wanted salad. I said no, I just want my sandwich. He asked me again. Told him I just wanted my sandwich again. He proceeded to wrap up my bread and chicken. CAN I PLEASE HAVE SOME LETTUCE AND STUFF? “Oh so you DO want salad.” -_-
  9. In Sweden, it’s a tradition to watch Donald Duck on Christmas. I am not joking. Literally like every person in Sweden sits down and watches Donald Duck on Christmas Day.
  10. Food Comas exist.
  11. Australians sometimes think California is the “east coast” because it is east of Australia. Mind=blown
  12. Instead of saying someone is “hot” you would call them “fit” in the UK.
  13. Banana bread is universally accepted as being absolutely delicious.
  14. The punctuation on the end of a declarative or imperative statement is called “full stop” not “period.”
  15. Security guards don’t celebrate Thanksgiving I guess. Kicked us out at 9:30 p.m. SHARP.


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