Enjoying the Now

All my life I have been so focused on planning the future. I started applying to college as soon as my junior year finished. I started applying for summer jobs in November. I started trying to figure out my dream job at age 19. I even looked into securing a 401k plan…when I was 20.

All through college I was always so focused on the next big thing that I let a lot of college pass me by.

Now, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be prepared. It’s great to have a plan and have some sort of direction and all of that deep stuff.

But it’s also equally important to enjoy the present.

Take a step back and stop looking ahead for a minute to enjoy exactly where you’re at.

I can’t tell you how many times I have become so frustrated after I once again changed my mind about what path I want my life to take.

Maybe the best thing to do is just stop trying to figure out where you’re going and just enjoy where you’re at.

Things I’ve Learned:

  1.  It’s okay to ask for help when you can’t open your jar of jelly. It doesn’t mean you’re weak or you need a man or whatever. You just can’t get the lid off the jelly.
  2. The dorm likes to turn off the hot water at the exact time that I like to take a shower.
  3. I don’t understand how recycling bins work apparently. I keep trying to put paper in it then people stare at me.
  4. I slept through an eclipse. Good job LARA.
  5. I’m mastering celsius. It’s 27 today. Google it.
  6. The appetizer guy at Don’s (the bar on campus) knows to come to me first when new food is brought out. I think this is a huge accomplishment on my part.
  7. I tried my first ever Ben & Jerry’s and it was not worth the 12$.
  8. Pizza tastes good anywhere in the world. Except Little Caesar’s. That’s never happening.
  9. I think I am the only american that doesn’t like Thanksgiving food.
  10. People who have an “upperclass” status in England are called “posh.” I think. I’m still learning.
  11. Apparently some people put milk in their tea. I know, weird.
  12. The portion sizes here compared to America. WOW. When they say a “small” smoothie…they mean a SMALL smoothie. Take a hint, America.
  13. It’s adorable that Australia thinks they have a problem with fast food. Again, the portion sizes.
  14. I guess “studying” here is a thing.
  15. Australia doesn’t have  “Texas Roadhouse” or “Golden Corral” so in other words, it’s heaven on earth.
  16. Grammar School is a real thing.
  17. There’s a very small supply of ranch dressing in Queensland and it’s absolutely beautiful.
  18. Bond Uni forces you to take surveys about your classes and teachers. They don’t make that stuff optional.
  19. Microsoft Word won’t accept that I have to spell “realize” with an s now.
  20. When I tell people I am studying abroad in Australia they instantly start singing that Men at Work song.


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