I don’t get Cricket.

Did you know that cricket is one of the few things people in India have in common across all cultural lines? Because there is so many diverse groups in India it has helped the country remain in tact.

This is all I knew about cricket going into my first ever cricket experience Friday morning. Apparently the match (game?) we had tickets to was a pretty big deal. Australia vs. South Africa Test Series Day 1!

We got on the train to Brisbane at 8 am and arrived in Brisbane just in time for the 10 am match time! 3 hours later I’m Australia’s biggest fan but I still had no idea what was going on.


The best way I could describe cricket to you is to say it’s like baseball except…not at all.

That about sums it up.


Apparently these cricket matches last 5 days and each day is an all day thing. I admire all cricket fans’ dedication.

After a pretty full day at the match we went to explore Brisbane. I kept forgetting that my entire face was blue every time someone stared at me or asked me to take a picture. At least 5 tourists told me they “love my country.” I didn’t have the heart to tell them I’m not even Australian. Image

Things I Learned:

  1. Literally every one of my friends that isn’t from the states loves Obama. Also, the entire country of Australia. “Breathe a sigh of relief, Australia – had Mitt Romney won the day, it would have made for an ugly time with our big alliance partner.” – Sydney Morning Herald
  2. The numbers 6 and 4 are significant to cricket.
  3. When you swallow face paint it makes your stomach hurt.
  4. All schools in Australia require students to wear uniforms.
  5. There’s some sort of prom type event going on at Bond this weekend and if you think people go all out for prom in the states you’re totally mistaken because there was a horse drawn carriage and a ferrari involved.
  6. S’mores with reese’s instead of Hershey’s is a THING.
  7. They give you seat assignments at the cinema.
  8. The english accent is my favorite accent.
  9. I have a SERIOUS case of wanderlust.
  10. They call Nike aka the best brand in the world… nike… which rhymes with bike. You know…instead of NYKEEE.


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