Wait, did I just become an adult?

Life happens so fast. One day I’m casually chilling in Morgantown, Indiana pretending to be Pocahontas in our huge front yard. I was talking to trees, listening to the wind- convinced that it had all the answers. I was about 8 years old and I never worried about the future. In fact, I didn’t really worry about anything. I ate whatever I wanted (if my mom let me)… this included the occasional leaf off of a tree or stick from the woods. Why? Because I didn’t know any better.

I didn’t know that eating leaves off of trees or random sticks in the woods could make me sick.  I didn’t know that eating chocolate every day or ice cream for breakfast wasn’t healthy. I didn’t care. I never worried about calories. I was content.

Fast forward 13 years and practically everything in life scares me.

Everyone is scared.

We’re scared we won’t get a job when we graduate because we just spent upwards of $75,000 on a college degree and won’t have a single thing to show for it. We’re scared to date people because we don’t want broken hearts. We’re scared to travel because we don’t know what could happen. We like our comfort zones. We’re scared to dye our hair purple because of what people might say or think. We’re scared of the future because we don’t know what it holds.

When did we stop treating life as an adventure and start treating it as an ongoing nightmare?

We’re constantly waiting for the next attack. The next time Freddy Krueger (omg so terrifiying) is going to jump out from behind a tree and push us back down. This could be anything; that job you failed to get, the relationship that ended, the test you failed, the game you lost…just a bunch of Freddy Kreuger’s making us scared to ever go down these paths again.

I don’t want to live my life waiting for the next bad thing to happen. Yeah, life sucks sometimes. We all get down. Stuff happens. We lose loved ones. We mess up. We get pushed down. So what? You get back up.

I know, so cliché right?

But what other choice do you have?

Life keeps going whether you enjoy it or not- so you might as well enjoy it.

The next time Freddy Krueger jumps out from behind a tree just remember- it’s just a haunted house not a haunted life. There’s always a way out.


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