My heart will forever stay in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is my favorite place on earth. Absolutely perfect. I think I just had one of the best weekends of my life including the 979 other times I’ve said that while being in Australia.


Shauna, Lauren, Alice, and I rented a car to take the 1 hour trip down to New South Wales to Byron Bay. We left Saturday evening. I LOVE ROAD TRIPS. Especially road trips in Australia- seeing the Australian land scape with the windows down…music blaring…JUST IMAGINE IT.



We arrived in Byron at about 630 local time and by the time we found the hostel it was around 7 AKA DINNER TIME. We found a burger place because apparently you have to either 1) have reservations or 2) be wealthy to eat at a nice sit down restaurant in this town. I had a “classy chick” chicken burger because…well, that’s self explanatory.

Byron Bay is wonderful. It’s filled with people who are just living. They don’t care what time it is. They don’t care what will happen tomorrow. They just live in the moment. They just appreciate what is happening to them right now.

People walk everywhere barefoot. They wear whatever they feel like wearing. They eat whatever they feel like eating. It’s absolutely beautiful…the way of life.


Then it was time to hit the town to celebrate Miss Lauren’s 22nd birthday. We went out to experience the night life. We started out at a place called “Cheeky Monkeys.”



We danced, we sang, we danced some more, sang some more. We got stepped on and we met a lot of people. I got mistaken for a Brazilian (I KNOW RIGHT?!) and all in all it was such a bloody fun night with my best mates. Thinking about leaving them in a couple of months makes me extremely sad. I’ve met so many amazing people and learned so many wonderful things in such a short amount of time.


When I think about my time here, I can’t help but smile. This has already been the most amazing experience of my life and it’s not even halfway over.

I encourage everyone to chase their dreams…this is what life is all about.

After getting approximately 3 minutes of sleep we were off to the beach, to see some shops, and to the MOST EASTERN POINT OF AUSTRALIA.

I wish I could take you all in my pocket with me to all of these places- words just really can’t describe the things I have witnessed and the things that I have learned.




I had a fantastic time this weekend. Byron Bay is my favorite place on earth currently until I take my next adventure.


Things I learned:

  1. I look BRAZILIAN! (even if only one person has ever said this ever… i’m going with it.)
  2. Australians drive absolutely erratically.  CALM DOWN. STOP SWERVING.
  3. Australian highways are filled with rest stop signs. They REALLY want you to “STOP. REVIVE. SURVIVE.”
  4. It’s really not necessary to wear shoes. At all.
  5. Some clubs in Australia don’t sell shots of alcohol. This is their way of promoting safe drinking. haha, WHAT?
  6. Liquor stores have drive-thrus. Seriously. It’s a thing. You can literally pull up and tell them how much and what kind of alcohol you want.
  7. Alcohol is 4 million dollars here. (I’m only barely exaggerating.)
  8. If you see a snake, you are to calmly walk away from it.
  9. Hostels. Omg. I have now stayed in two. You cannot get a good night’s rest. I’m convinced. But meeting people? YES.
  10. If you need to stop and get gas… you need to stop and get “petrol.”
  11. The amount of people who have tattoos in Australia compared to the US is INSANE. I think everyone has a tattoo here.
  12. Bond University is obsessed with group work and it’s like… I WOULD RATHER DRINK KETCHUP JUICE THAN WORK ON ANOTHER GROUP PROJECT.
  14. people love my “accent.”
  15. I don’t ever want to leave.

celebrating Lauren’s birthday

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