Paradise has homework too…

Oh hi. You know how it’s like really hard to concentrate on writing a paper when you’re in college? Try going to college in Australia. I can practically smell the beach from my room and hear the dolphins telling me to come play with them!

But seriously, homework exists here. That’s alright. Nowhere is perfect I guess.

This weekend Shauna, Alice, Lauren and I are heading to BYRON BAY!

Here’s a google image picture for you to understand what I am talking about:

I am really excited. This time I won’t be getting on any ships either.

Shauna can rent a car so we will be leaving by car Saturday afternoon and staying until Sunday evening. So excited!

Things I’ve learned:

  1. I forgot I was in Australia all week this week because every time I turned on the news or walked into a room there was something about the debates and presidential election. Except it usually wasn’t american students.
  2. I am 1 of 3 american students that I’ve met that are voting. That’s disappointing.
  3. I voted and it was super easy…took me approximately 5 minutes. YAY! USA! USA!
  4. Australia calls oatmeal “muesli”
  5. Australians don’t use fitted sheets. why? I don’t know. Sheets are always coming off my bed.
  6. Uh. You know the show “Whale Wars”… that’s totally about an organization based here. Who knew? Not me
  7. Every girl in Australia is some sort of supermodel.
  8. American DVDs don’t work on an australian DVD player -_-
  9. I don’t think mustard even exists here. I haven’t seen it anywhere. Nowhere.
  10. That goes for red velvet cake too :(

It’s almost summer time!! This is campus, by the way. I know, beautiful. How am I supposed to do homework?

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