It rains in Australia

Even though I lived through a 7 year drought (I’m dramatic) in Indiana this summer,  I was still extremely confused when rain began to fall from the sky today. The weather has been well…perfect. Until today. It was sprinkling. I didn’t know what to do so I just sat on my balcony and read Harry Potter for the 92nd time.

It’s Monday. This weekend was wonderful. Friday was adventurous. I decided to dye my hair. We had a hair dying party. It was marvelous.

After said party I fell asleep almost instantly. I was then awoken at 2 am by this bloody loud siren. I was so confused. I was convinced that my roommate, Lauren, had an alarm going off. I screamed at her to turn it off. I’m really pleasant.

Turns out it wasn’t her alarm it was the fire alarm!! I stumbled out of bed managing to pull on some clothes and grab a room key before wandering outside. We stood outside for about 15 minutes before they let us back into the building. Turns out that it’s a 1,000$ fine for setting off a fire alarm. WHOOPS.

Saturday we took a day trip to Brisbane. Brisbane is an hour north of Gold Coast and it costs 5$ by train to get there. WHEE!

Brisbane is a wonderful little city. Well, actually, it’s not little. It’s right on some river (I need to take an Australian geography class ASAP) …We explored the city, did some shopping, got some gelato, got some free monster energy drinks, saw some sort of iguana, and witnessed a real live protest!! (not an anti-american protest, no worries)

Sunday, the day of rest, AKA let’s head to the beach! This time we decided to explore the REAL Surfer’s Paradise. The name says it all. #1 surfing destination in the WORLD people. Bloody beautiful. Extremely crowded. Apparently the waves were pretty rough on this particular day because an angry life guard kept driving up and down the beach yelling at anyone who ventured into the water out of sight of the lifeguards.

Rough waters….so naturally I wanted to venture in. Bad idea. I got about 10 feet in when this wave came out of nowhere. Knocked me off my feet. I was swirling around underwater trying to hold on to my bathing suit and sunglasses and LIFE all at the same time. I managed to get back up and inhale something other than salt water when BAM…another wave hit me. Underwater again. Swirling around. Grabbing people around me. I managed to stop choking on salt water after about 5 minutes and stayed safely on the beach out of the water the rest of the time. I learned my lesson.

Sunday night is now “family night.” We all get together and cook a meal and hang out. Last night it was some sort of mysterious dish called “spagbol” or in other words…spaghetti bolognese…(HOW DO YOU EVEN SAY THIS WORD?)

I tried telling my friends that this was spaghetti but apparently that is WRONG.

Monday morning brought class and then these mysterious clouds which then brought rain.

It is now Monday evening and I just had my first (FREE) personal training session. I am obsessed with this place. It was made for me. Minus the no reese’s and weird peanut butter thing.

There are three nights of trivia this week…that’s right…THREE. I’m off to study random facts.

Things I’ve Learned:

  1. You can walk barefoot into a public shopping mall covered in sand and fit right in.
  2. They have double decker buses here.
  3. It rains in Australia. :(
  4. They have no idea what I am talking about when I call the machine in the gym an “elliptical machine.”
  5. You don’t call spaghetti noodles. it’s pasta.
  6. Still haven’t managed to find a wine cooler anywhere in Australia
  7. MCDONALD’S HAS LAMB BURGERS. Maybe I will actually eat there.
  8. thong swim suit bottoms is a thing here
  9. Australia is obsessed with the tv show called “big brother” … and yes, it’s still on
  10. Subways in Australia don’t have the chips & a drink option as I found out when I tried to ask for it and the cashier replied “this isn’t America.”

I would love your feedback.

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