oh bloody ell

It’s not a good time to be an American in Australia right now. Or anywhere besides the US of A for that matter.

I had heard a little bit about these protests happening all over Australia. I didn’t pay much attention or take it seriously.

Well, it’s time to start taking it seriously.


I was in a class of all Australians when I got the email. I asked them about it. One girl said she was there last weekend when they began.

“People were seriously hurt. It was crazy and scary. Just be careful…and maybe start saying you’re from Canada.”

All of my professors yesterday asked for any Americans in the class to check their emails.

Kind of a big deal.

This week I actually completed some homework assignments. Weird, right? I guess homework is a thing in Australia too…

Last night was the Bondstock Music Festival. Bondstock is this week long party (for lack of better terms) that happens every September at Bond. There’s a party literally every night of the week and it’s so much fun. We went to the Coolangatta (no idea how to pronounce this) Hotel. There were live bands playing in one room and a SILENT DISCO in the other room. For those of you that don’t know- a silent disco is a big open room with multiple DJ’s. You are provided a pair of headphones and you put on said headphones and you can change channels and listen to all different kinds of music and dance and sing even though no one else can hear the music except you. Probably one of the most fun things I have ever participated in.  I also had an hour long conversation about World War 2. I LOVE HISTORY. It’s so interesting to hear different view points. For example: “The US took their sweet time getting involved.” Awkward. Also apparently there’s a joke about Ireland and how they always switch who they’re cheering for halfway through all sporting events. HA because they switched alliances halfway through the war. Just repeating what I was told.



Things I learned:

  1. There aren’t “lines” outside a club. It’s a queue.
  2. Australia is obsessed with Red Bull. Obsessed.
  3. They dip their banana bread in honey and it’s like holy crap why don’t we do this?
  4. Australian law is superrrrrr strict about immigration. Good luck trying to live here.
  5. They do have avocado and guacamole in case you were worried.
  6. When a lot of people on social media send nasty comments about something it’s called “trolling.” Who knew? I didn’t.
  7. Unis in Australia host a ton of parties for their students because they believe it’s safer that way. They don’t discourage partying- they make it safe. (or try to)
  8. Australia doesn’t have Pandora. Or netflix. Or Peanut butter. and a limited amount of reese cups. Still upset about this.
  9. Australia is a commonwealth of Great Britain. Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t realize this? It’s true.
  10. The girl that lives next to me is really mad at her boyfriend Kevin.


Red Bull. Everywhere.

I would love your feedback.

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