Just a thought…

Why is everyone scared to be themselves?

When you are in a relationship with someone; whether it’s as friends or as lovers; they’re going to get to know you.

If they don’t, you’re doing it wrong. So why hide the wonderful parts of yourself?
Why hide your Harry Potter obsession? Why deny the fact that you absolutely LOATHE going to bars? Why pretend that you enjoy fishing? Why aren’t you broadcasting the fact that you have seen every single episode of “LOST” 3 times? Why aren’t you proud of the fact that you have a stuffed koala bear and it’s your favorite possession? Why aren’t you telling everyone about your cats named Dobby and Yoda?

Aren’t these the things that make you lovable?

The small, quirky personality traits that you have should be BROADCAST…not hidden.

You are you- that’s it! No apologies- no regrets- no hard feelings.

And if someone doesn’t like you for who you are- why would you want to spend time with them anyway?

3 responses to “Just a thought…

  1. I can’t talk about aussie men because someone is stalking my posts, yes tall one you know who you are…go watch channel 13, ooops sorry

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