I might be the worst 21 year old to ever exist.

Yesterday was Friday. Friday meant a campus-wide pub crawl. Starting at 4 p.m. all students would meet up at the first bar of the 5-bar journey. I suppose this is supposed to be fun for most college students.

Not me.

By 7 p.m. I was tired of the journey and ready to go lay in bed and read Harry Potter (for the 38th time).

I am by far the worst 21 year old college student that has ever existed.

It’s now Saturday morning and I was awoken by a BEACH VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT outside my window. I couldn’t even be upset. At least it wasn’t birds today. Tonight I am going to my first ever RUGBY GAME! I have no idea how rugby works but I sure am excited.

Go Qantas Wallabies! 


Things I’ve learned:

  1. Everyone in Australia works out. All the time. And I would venture to say they don’t even eat chocolate like…ever.
  2. They call rugby “touch.” So yesterday when I signed up for that TOUCH FOOTBALL league…nope, rugby. I’m sure I will do really well.
  3. All of my PR professors think the US is obsessed with social media. (duh)
  4. Australians have like 3 shows that are Australian versions of Jersey Shore. :(
  5. Australians call cotton candy CANDY FLOSS and FAIRY FLOSS. I prefer fairy floss.
  6. Australians add an r to every word, ever. Example: “pizzer” “idear” “formula..er” “Australiaer”
  7. They call water fountains a BUBBLER. I like it.
  8. I haven’t seen a single person drink Foster’s Lager.
  9. It’s not “sun bathing” or even “laying out.” It’s SUN BAKING!
  10. Making hamburgers on a grill is called a “BBQ” even though there’s no barbecue actually involved. No one listens to my arguments.


Real-life fairy floss.

Well, cheers! I’m off to sun bake!

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