I’m really good at life.

I think Bond University was created for me.  Here are my reasons:

  1. Um. They have the best gym in the world. A weight room, treadmills, bikes, countless machines… I mean seriously I salivate every time I go in there.
  2. Exercise classes. for free. Spinning, yoga, boxing, treading water (yeah, idk), pilates, zumba, strength, circuit…
  3. it’s 5 minutes away from a beach. scratch that, beacheS
  4. it’s in Australia. so. self explanatory
  5. It has a kick-a PR program. These people know what they’re talking about…except when it comes to twitter.
  6. They have a salad bar with 4 different avocado options so… yeah.
  7. They have an outdoor, olympic sized pool on campus that you can swim in whenever you WANT

Yesterday I participated in my first EVER spinning class and somehow managed to fall off the bike and bruise my leg. I’m really good at life and stuff.

Today is Friday which means I have no classes which means I should do homework which means I won’t and I will probably go to the pool instead.


One response to “I’m really good at life.

  1. It sounds absolutely glorious, now all you need is some gorgeous aussie man to talk to you in that wonderful accent and you have it made!

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