I think I enjoy learning now.

Oh hello. It’s Thursday morning. 9 a.m. aka my last day of classes for the week.

Class 1: Integrated Marketing Communication– freakin’ love this class. Professor is straight up, no bs. On the first day…”If you don’t want to be here, the door is right there. Bye.” Also, she brings us chocolate. Win-Win. I answered a question in class the other day and she’s all…”Laraauh (they have an accent)…you are already at the top of the class with that answer.” Me- blushing…she also said there’s no need for us to purchase a textbook. “Textbooks tell you what to think, I want you to think on your own.” I LOVE YOU, PROF.

Class 2: Public Relations Principles and Practice- On the first day in this class, the professor asked anyone to raise their hand if they had ANY sort of public relations experience in the past. I was the only one. So okay this class MIGHT be a huge review for me…but in an AUSTRALIAN STYLE.

Class 3: Sports Public Relations- Guys. I love sports so much. This class was made for me. Except I have no freakin’ idea how rugby or cricket works and I don’t understand the difference between AFL and NFL yet…but I’m going to LEARN. Also, this professor is the same professor as the PR Principles class and she is awesome, smart, and has 30 years experience working in corporate. She also has an adjunct teaching the class with her. He’s not a huge deal…he was just one of the PR directors for the London Olympics and Paralympics…….

Class 4: Media Relations- Not going to lie, I hate writing press releases. Weird cause I’m a PR major, right? Whatever. After struggling to find this hidden classroom for 239 years yesterday…I FINALLY FOUND IT and I liked the class. I am the only american in the class. Also, I am apparently the only person who knows how to use twitter. Twitter isn’t a “thing” here… one of our classes is entirely based around the development of a twitter for students. I mean I think I am going to be alright in this class.

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MY CLASSES. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Also, we found this bar/restaurant/tapas about a 3 minute walk from campus called “The Hub.” This place offers a TRIVIA NIGHT every Wednesday. We went last night, obviously, because who doesn’t love trivia?

They asked us things like …

  • What’s the dot of the letter i called? (tiddle)
  • How many hearts does an octopus have? (3)
  • What city was the first ever colored stoplight in? (NYC)

So we didn’t win…but…NEXT TIME.

There’s a rugby championship of some sort in the Gold Coast this weekend and I think we are planning to get tickets because…IT’S RUGBY.

Also, I joined “Res Wars.” This thing where every Wednesday the residence halls on campus compete in sporting events. There was a pizza party for it last night so I had no choice but to go.


We are the Red Devils and we are going to win.

I would love your feedback.

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