Oh right, I’m here for class.

Yesterday I had my first Australian classes!!!

Actually not that big of a deal. My first class was at 10 am. After wondering around this mysterious building for 10 minutes I was convinced I was actually in Hogwarts (EEK!!) and the staircases were shifting. Finally found mysterious classroom hidden in a corner. The door was locked. It was 9:54 a.m. My friend Jared had the brilliant idea of knocking. Cool. Someone was coming. He opened the door- I walked in- smiled at everyone while secretly wondering why everyone was there earlier than me.

“HEY GUYS!” – me

“We’re having a class. You need to wait outside and close the door behind you.” – Professor (Snape probably)

*staring at me*- EVERYONE



ANYWAY, I finally managed to make it inside this mysterious classroom and sit through a 2 hour lecture. Yes, 2 hours. Classes at this uni are much different than in the states. You have a 2 hour lecture period for each class and then later on in the week you have a “tutorial” for that class. I don’t even understand the whole “tutorial” thing all I know is that EVERYONE abbreviates it by saying “tutes” and  I don’t like it.

I had my first public relations class yesterday. Turns out I am the only one in the class who even knows what PR is let alone has any experience. It’s going to be a huge review for me but in a different perspective so I guess you could say I am pretty “amped.”

I also got an Australian phone number yesterday. And stocked up on chocolate. I was getting really deprived.

Time for class again. Not getting there until 30 seconds before to avoid possible embarrassments.

An Australian Classroom!!!–>


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