Yesterday was the best day of my life.

Since my best friend died when I was 15 years old I learned that bittersweet lesson about life: It’s short.

Therefore, I was inspired to determine what sort of things I wanted to do with my life and make them happen.

I compiled a list of things that I had always wanted to know but never thought were possible-

  1. Go to Australia
  2. Hold a koala
  3. Play with kangaroos
  4. Zipline
  5. swim with a dolphin
  6. learn to surf
  7. learn to cook lebanese food


Yesterday- I accomplished 3 of those things. All in one day. 6 years after Emily passed and I am actually making these things happen.

We went to a place called “Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.”

It was about a 30 minute bus ride and cost 3$. WORD. It was 40$ to get in and an extra 5$ if you wanted to zipline and do a rope course. (duh, sold.)

We got to hold… HOLD… a koala, get pictures taken with it, hug it… it was amazing. So cuddly. So loving.

Then we moved on to the rope course/zip line. This guy just straps you in then all of the sudden you’re just going through the forest on a wire trying not to fall off and hoping that if you do fall off- your attachments will save you. adrenaline rush!

Then, we hung out with kangaroos. ACTUAL KANGAROOS. for like an hour. They’re so friendly. I didn’t want to leave.

All in all- what a perfect day in Australia.

Today, I have class. I guess that’s what I am here for…

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