Rest of the world: take a hint from Oz.

Australia is so eco-friendly.

It’s unreal.

Let me give you some examples:

  1. Their toilets. They have a full flush or a half flush option to save water. Um. Brilliant. Also, EVERY toilet is like this- it’s not an option like it is in the states.
  2. So you’re at Target buying some things- you go to check out- you forgot to bring your own bags. That’ll be 10 cents per bag.
  3. Grocery stores will provide bags- but every single one of them is biodegradable.
  4. Roundabouts. EVERYWHERE. Apparently these save gas. They also make me car sick. There’s about 20,394 on each road. :(
  5. Small cars. Of course it’s like this in Europe too- but there’s no trucks here.
  6. Public transportation everywhere.
  7. RECYCLING- All over campus
  8. All of their taxis are prius!

Yesterday was beach day- the last day of “O-Week” on campus…which means I have to start class tomorrow. WHAT.

We headed to Broadbeach at 11 am and stayed until 3.

The birds here are insane and people sometimes go topless. It’s a thing.

Also- instead of guys playing football on the beach…it was rugby! So cool. Had a wonderful time and didn’t get burnt even though people keep insisting the sun is super strong here.




Then, it was off to Surfer’s Paradise for a girls night out. We found a restaurant where we ordered 6 entrees for 11$ each. That’s dirt cheap here. Going back ASAP.



Today- it’s petting zoo day.

This is going to be the best day of my life probably.

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