I promise to never take you for granted again, Target.

Hey guys. I’m broke. Wanna know why?

Let’s see.


This is Australia’s version of Target. They pay the actual Target money for using that symbol. NBD.

I ventured inside to look at some prices.

Then, I started crying.




Things I learned:

  1. Pretty much everyone except Americans find the NFL to be a “pussy” sport. Rugby is much harder- they don’t even use padding. Actual quote: “Americans with their padding… ‘ouch don’t push me’… rugby players are real men.” Well alright…. so you guys aren’t Saints fans then?
  2. You think americans have conspiracy theories about 9/11? Nope- nothing compared to other countries.
  3. There’s a pretty big stereotype that americans are the main reason for the poor environmental conditions around the world. HEY GUYS, I DON’T THINK PEOPLE LIKE US TOO MUCH. just a thought.
  4. the best time for surfing is at 7 am
  5. a pint of ben and jerry’s is 12 dollars. :(
  6. going to “uni” isn’t a big deal here like it is in the states. if you don’t go- that’s fine. a lot of people don’t. also it’s super expensive.
  7. every one in the world (yeah, i’ve met everyone) thinks that it’s stupid that the drinking age is 21 in the states. “You guys can join the army and get married, yeah? but you can’t drink? that’s so stupid.” <- Mexico, Germany, England, Australia, Switzerland
  8. I learned what exactly the “UK” is.
  9. In England, student loans are interest free. Also, if you don’t get a job you don’t have to pay them back. Also their textbooks cost about 150 american dollars…TOTAL. Bye.
  10. They don’t use “debit” over here. People look at me like I am stupid when I say debit. It’s just credit or pin. ALRIGHT SORRY.

It’s beach day. Hope I don’t see any sharks!

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