Did they say “tight and bright?”

Yesterday was an adventure.

I woke up at 5 am, per usual (jet lag). Then Lauren, Shauna and I decided to venture beyond campus to our friend Luke’s apartment complex (he has a pool).


It was beautiful.

Fast forward 5 hours and it’s time for the “Tight and Bright” party.

Yeah- TIGHT AND BRIGHT. they weren’t kidding. You were literally supposed to dress in the tightest and brightest clothing you could find. Then, you go in said clothing to the campus bar called “Don’s.” Yeah- there’s a BAR on CAMPUS. (Can you tell I’m American?)

I haven’t really hung out with the american groups here on campus. Here’s why:

They don’t know their limits. Take a fun party on campus and ruin it by getting too “wasted” and spilling drinks everywhere. Then knocking over decorations. Then falling all over yourself.

Every foreign person I was with said “typical americans.”

What a fun night with friends though. Love it here. I keep forgetting I have to start classes next week.

Things I learned:

  1. In London they call sun poisoning “sun stroke.”
  2. Wifi across Australia is terrible because of the desert areas.
  3. People still have no idea where Indiana is.
  4. Reese’s cups are 5$ here.
  5. Australians think its cold when it’s 70 degrees.
  6. Americans have a bad rep for complaining all the time. People seem to think all we do is complain and watch tv. good to know.
  7. No one says “crikey.”





One response to “Did they say “tight and bright?”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time! Told you marmite was gross lol. Good luck with classes next week.

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