No but seriously, I am in paradise.

Guys. I think I am in actual heaven.

Today, I worked out in one of the best gyms I have ever seen in my life. No seriously. Beautiful. Wearing my amazing nikes.


Then it was pool party time. Free food. Pool. Sun. Like what more do I need to be happy honestly?


Met 2 more natives today- Jackson and Josh. Both so awesome. Hung out with Jackson, Josh, Shauna, Lauren and James most of the afternoon. Random compilation.

We got more acquainted with australian culture and learned the difference between chips and hot chips.

Then we all met up and went to dinner… where this… THIS…was the cafeteria food. Wait for it.


Then it was carnival time. Hung out for a bit. Learned how to throw a rugby…ball? Met more people- one swiss and one norwegian.

Then off to Surfer’s Paradise for a late night beach walk.


I love it here so much- it’s the people I’ve met, the places I’ve seen, and small things I am learning… and I’ve only been here 3 days.

2 responses to “No but seriously, I am in paradise.

  1. The cafeteria food looks amazing! Pasta with ?? The pool also looks wonderful and refreshing. I think you will spend a lot of time there….any why not???

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