Birds. Seriously.

Some things never change, no matter where you are. For example: BIRDS. So freaking loud and obnoxious. Which is why I am awake at 5 a.m. Oz time.


Half dead.

Things I have learned so far:

  1. Americans get a really bad rep. Now I know why. 97% of the Americans here are here for one reason: to party. Go home.
  2. Australian “peanut butter” is eerily similar to crushed peanuts mixed with Elmer’s glue. It’s gross.
  3. Australians don’t like american chocolate. (I know. Seriously)
  4. Australians freaking hate it if anyone asks them anything about “shrimp on the barbie.”
  5. Other countries seem to think the US glorifies teen pregnancy and all we do is watch tv. (lovely)
  6. Australians find it normal to eat kangaroo meat. :(
  7. I met an Australian girl (Lauren, age 18) who knows more about the U.S. government than 75% of my peers. Talk about being influential.
  8. Don’t ask for a lemonade anywhere you go. They will just give you sprite.
  9. an 8 pack of bottled water is 10$.
  10. No one knows where Indiana is. Not even some of the Americans. :)
  11. I am pretty sure everyone here is constantly dehydrated. No water fountains ANYWHERE.
  12. They call pizza “pizzer.” (adorable)
  13. They don’t actually like vegemite that much.
  14. They pronounce z as “zed”
  15. They call shrimp “prawns”

Australian Peanut Butter-

Yesterday, Shauna, Lauren, and I all went to a hypnotist show together. I never actually believed that people could fall into a hypnosis until I witnessed it. So weird, so creepy. While there, I met James- he was sitting in front of me and he is a native Australian from Melbourne here at Bond to study film/tv. Today there is a campus wide pool party/BBQ. (real life)

Look for pics later.


One response to “Birds. Seriously.

  1. Ornithologists could tell you exactly what TYPE of bird that is….or maybe they would say that the bird just likes Americans….or awake Americans. Peanut butter will be on the way IF I get the rest of your list. You don’t have to bring any Vegemite home for me….nope. But thanks anyway!

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