This is finally happening.

Since I was like 13 years old- I have always wanted to go to Australia.


Um- Koalas, Kangaroos, Beaches, Surfing, Criminals… Need I say more?

I never thought it would actually happen. But here I am … Aug 30- sitting in Pasadena, California, already on my way to Australia. And I’m not just going for a couple of weeks or something- nope- I am going for 3.5 months. :)

Yesterday I left Indianapolis at approximately 5:30 a.m. local time and arrived at LAX 1 pm Indiana time 10 am Cali time. We went to a french dipped sandwich restaurant, saw where  riots in the aftermath of Rodney King’s ordeal happened, went to the top of Mt. Wilson, went to a FARMER’S MARKET- it’s all happening so fast. We will spend today, tomorrow (Friday) and most of the day Saturday in California then leave Saturday night and arrive in Brisbane at 7 am on Monday, September 3- which is actually 5 p.m. Sunday, September 2nd in Indiana.

I am so excited, anxious, nervous, scared, ready.

 I could see all of Los Angeles- pretty freaking cool.



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